About Mr. Mano Kamaleson

Mano Kamaleson is a principal in Arcus Development, a global development banker and microfinance executive with a strong track record of successfully managing financial institutions through adversity, market entry, strategic growth and organizational development.

Mr. Kamaleson started his professional career in the United States financial services industry where he assisted in managing four of the largest branches of Lincoln Savings and Loan with an average deposit base of one hundred and ten million dollars (USD 110,000,000). He also assisted the FDIC after their seizure of Lincoln Savings and Loan assets as well as testified in the subsequent prosecution of Charles Keating.

After acquiring his MBA from Peter Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate School Mr. Kamaleson has played various executive roles with World Vision International (WVI) and Opportunity International (OI). For six (6) years Mr. Kamaleson was the lead executive in the green-field microfinance start-up and strategic development of CAPA in Romania establishing a countrywide institutional presence and organizational platform of national prominence. During an eight (8) year tenure with Opportunity International (OI) Mr. Kamaleson successfully acquired, integrated and executed the turnaround of two microfinance institutions in Kenya as well as navigated the institution through the post election crisis of 2007/2008. Also during his tenure with OI Mr. Kamaleson assisted in the market entry of Rwanda and Mozambique as well as business expansion of their venture in Ghana.

Throughout his career, Mr. Kamaleson has demonstrated longevity and high levels of performance with the ventures and institutions he has been involved with; he has also:

  • Excelled at identifying untapped markets and business opportunities for business expansion
  • Provided expertise in program and system evaluation, providing practical solutions to issues that hinder productivity, growth potential, profitability and attainment of established goals
  • Innovated in performance-based contract management system with an incentive scheme to enhance peak performance
  • Demonstrated a strong track record of bottom-line responsibility for product launch/reengineering, pricing, marketing and promotional initiatives
  • Consistently increased productivity and contained costs while effectively navigating and assembling collaborative strategic partnerships throughout his career