About Mr. Adrian Chindris

Adrian Chindris is a principal in Arcus Development. Most recently Mr. Chindris was the CEO of CAPA Finance (recently transformed into Patria Credit), the largest Microfinance institution in Romania. From 2001 to 2009 Mr. Chindris played the role of lead executive of CAPA, during his tenure moved the organizations to various legal structures to its current state of joint stock company acting as Sole Administrator and Board Member at various stages of institutional development. Mr. Chindris succeeded to bring CAPA from an organization with an asset base of one million six hundred thousand Euros (€ 1,600,000) at the beginning of 2001 to over forty million Euros (€ 40,000,000) in 2009. He also effectively navigated the sale of the institution to the Romanian American Enterprise fund in 2007. Post sale Mr. Chindris prepared CAPA for regulated operations as well as initiated banking license application with the Central Bank of Romanian, successfully moving the application to the final stage prior to his resignation.

In addition to Mr. Chindris’ Romanian experience he has successfully executive institutional turnaround of MFI in Azerbaijan by restructuring management, staff, processes, products, network and, most importantly instilling confidence within the institution. With Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) and World Vision International (WVI), Mr. Chindris assisted in the design and implementation of complex development projects, Business Development Services and creation of the global models. During his career, Mr. Chindris has profitably modeled:

  • Rapid analysis of market realities and institutional adjustment to capitalize on identified opportunities;
  • Creative systems and processes to enable swift accurate decisions;
  • Develop and motivated human resources to further corporate goals;
  • Creation of innovative and productive business growth strategies;
  • Robust professional relationship with Board of Directors;