CALL 911 ARCUS Microfinance Emergency Hotline

CALL ARCUS 911: microfinance emergency hotline – our accomplished executive management team will partner with you in hedging risk and strengthening the institution. This service entails rapid intervention supporting top management in the field with a rescue team deployed in days to support existing executives through a crisis. In extraordinary cases, with board support our team will assist you in restructuring and/or transitioning management with the objective of revitalizing the institution and establishing viable market position.

Package Includes:

  • Credit and Operations Risk Management: Rapid analysis and decisions in order to minimize losses and stop any type of inappropriate activities of the staff and management; rapid restructuration of processes and set up of the collection task force in 48 hours; measures to maintain the proper image of the institution recommended to the top management and Board.
  • Sales Management: Fast restructuring of sales force and sales channels in order to regain or remain in the market at the proper level; create products that will serve the short term scope and generate the necessary resource to enable institution’s long term prospects.
  • Human Resource Management: Diagnosis of the HR and organizational structure as well as key relationships in order to produce recommendations that will have maximum impact.