The History of Arcus

The strength and influence of any civilization can be measured by the reach and longevity of its architecture. Arcus Development has attained its name from the Latin, arcus, which represents the Roman arch.

Roman design enhancements enabled the arch (arcus) to support enormous weight and made arcus a major component in contemporary structural architecture. Once locked into place, arcus removes structural stress by being self-supporting and withstand enormous amount of weight through distribution. The Coliseum in Rome used the arcus system in 70 AD to build a four story high stadium to seat over 50,000 spectators; the structure stands to this day.

Rich with this heritage, arcus is a fitting name for Arcus Development for the following reasons:

  • We are a management consulting firm, committed to strengthening institutions to reach extraordinary levels in both sustainability and growth.
  • We specialize on financial institutions that assist micro and small enterprises as well as non-governmental organizations which are pillars of civil society.
  • Arcus Development helps institutions achieve reach, scale as well as longevity while acting responsively, proactively and efficiently.
  • These achievements are accomplished by structurally removing barriers and obstructions in various facets of the organization.
  • Thereby promoting institutional development, sustainability and performance.

Arcus Development bridges the gaps and barriers challenging your organization while clarifying and honing your goals thus bolstering overall performance, longevity and effectiveness of your organization.

Principal Partners