ARCUS Development


Arcus Development possesses over 35 years of combined executive level leadership experience in:

  • Financial services to the un-banked
  • Private sector developmental organizations
  • Nongovernmental development organizations
  • Academic institutions

These senior leadership positions have afforded our team exposure and practical technical experience in the successful implementation of:

  • Transformation of Microfinance Institutional (MFI) to compliance with the provisions of the Central Bank
  • Organizational and product jeremy scott sale re-engineering adapting to competitive environments
  • Board development founded on a policy framework
  • Human resource development and performance management
  • Organization and institutional development


Our team has engaged with various Boards in the role of Chief Executive Officer as well as providing guidance on governance policy, board development and serving as board members. Beyond the understanding of the complex fiduciary and management demands of these various roles, they have provided Arcus the practical skills in the execution of the following activities from within organizations:

  • Strategy development and implementation in the areas of:
    • Mission, Vision and Values development
    • Institutional positioning and its related product development and service adjustment
    • Human Resources, performance management and talent pool development
    • Risk management frameworks for MFIs
  • Prudent and efficient implementation of operational improvements as well as the required systems and procedural modifications.
  • Accurate, timely reporting integrated into organizational processes to improve business performance.


Arcus realizes business performance is almost directly correlated to board and executive management's awareness and oversight of current environmental and organizational risk. Our practical experience and unique skill set enable us to seamlessly align our interventions with your organization and not only provide you an external perspective but assist, train and prepare your board as well as management team to transform the organization into an institution that will decipher and transform problems into opportunities on a sustainable basis. Our signature "911 - Emergency hotline for MFIs" package provides immediate relief to crisis situations. All of our products and services will introduce systems that improve institutional performance, sustainability and strengthen investment prospects.

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